Kyra’s translation practice is theoretically informed by her early encounters with Jürgen Habermas’ Theory of Communicative Action (II), filtered through Hans J. Vermeer’s Skopostheorie, Lawrence Venuti’s foreignizing and Jacques Derrida’s ideas On Grammatology. She is currently exploring the work of Paul Ricoeur and positions her own practice somewhere at the junction of his hermeneutically inflected approach, Derrida and Habermas’ deconstruction and Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s embodied phenomenology.

Kyra is a native English speaker who is fluent in British Sign Language (BSL), has some experience in American Sign Language (ASL), and has had some exposure to German Sign Language (DGS), French Sign Language (LSF) and Finnish Sign Language (FSL). She is also able to communicate in the pidgin that is known as International Sign.

Kyra studied French, Spanish, German, English and Latin at school.

For many years Kyra has worked at national and international levels as an interpreter and translator, and featured as the subject of an International Profile column in 2010.

Details of her experience can be found in her CV, alongside PDFs of published and unpublished articles, translations and other materials.

She has recently completed a doctoral study bringing her knowledge and experience of translation, together with her interest in sign languages and her art practice.

For the curious, Kyra is able to offer some guidance to the wealth of material available concerning sign languages and deaf communities.

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