Kyra is interested in the gaps between ways of seeing the world, in the spaces between ways of communicating, in what is lost or altered inexorably in translation. She calls this translation art.

Her work emerges from over twenty years encountering the unique sensorial perspective of the most visual people on earth – members of sign language communities.

As an internationally successful professional interpreter/ translator charged with mediating between these highly visual minorities whose languages have no written form, and the logocentrism of hearing-speaking-writing majority communities, Kyra drew on the philosophies of Habermas, Derrida, Merleau-Ponty and Ricoeur to underpin her practice.

These expanded notions of communication, writing (Writing), embodied performance and translation now form the basis of her art practice.

Her doctoral research was epistemologically arts-based, and used art practice as a research tool for the investigation of sign language poetry (Signart).

Kyra is a member of HATCH, Cambridge University’s Arts and Science Research Forumartists’-network and the International Coalition for Arts, Human Rights and Social Justice.

Not restricted herself to any particular media – working in performance, body, paper, film and so on – she always additionally seeks to effect what Beuys termed ‘social sculpture’; replicating the flat and reciprocal structures she found in communities of deafhood.

She blogs as Nana Froufrou.

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