Dr. Kyra Pollitt is a writerartist and professional translator.

She is bi-lingual in English and British Sign Language, and has practised as an interpreter and translator with this language combination for over 20 years. During this time she has trained and educated many cadres of sign language interpreters, and published scholarly texts. Both her practice and teachings have been widely influential, and her work is included in a reader of seminal contributions to the field. She maintains her professional skills and continues to undertake interpreting and translation assignments.

Kyra is also developing a practice of translation art, which explores the fertile seam of material that is lost or transfigured in translations between languages or forms. This creative work focuses on alternative ways of ‘writing’ experience; on re-presentations of corpo-realities, on forms of synthesis and synaesthesia, on movement as a common denominator of communication, and on orthographies.

Kyra is founder member of The Travelling Language Gallery - a site-specific writing and performance troupe, and serves as a Director of the Scottish Poetry Library.

Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in Economic and Social History, an MA in Language Studies (Linguistics, Lancaster), an MSc in Interpreting and Translating in a European Context (EUMASLI), and a research PhD.

Affiliations currently include HATCH, Cambridge University’s Arts and Sciences Research Forumartists’-network, the International Coalition for the Arts, Human Rights and Social Justice, The Association of Sign Language Interpreters, Equity and NUBSLI.

She is also an ASA certified synchronised swimming assessor.

She blogs as Nana Froufrou.

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